You can check out that story by browsing my work history at LinkedIn.

But if you just want spoilers, here they are: My name is Lauren Patton, and every job I’ve ever held was secretly readying me for this career.

Through an unconventional series of events, I learned the art of persuasion and the importance of tone, message, and audience-centeredness when it comes to influencing behavior. Now I’m using those skills to help clients who need to keep readers interested long enough to turn them into customers.

Why is my website so plain?

Because I want to emphasize my words. I am, after all, in the business of words.

Functional, custom website design is absolutely a smart choice for any business. But even the best-designed website will underperform without quality content to go with it.

Is my work high quality? Yes.
Is it cheap? Not necessarily.
Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Here’s the thing: you only have seconds to engage a viewer before they click away. (Look it up; it’s science!) By not investing in quality copy that demands to be read, you are throwing away money. (And there’s no reaching into that garbage can to fish it back out.) The best way to engage your readers is to talk to them, not  at them. That means having a conversation. Get to know them, what problems they’re experiencing, and what they need from you. Then give them that.

See, good business isn’t about products. It’s about people. It’s about communication, trust, and fit.

If you want to quit wasting your resources on stale copy that doesn’t encourage an ongoing relationship, I can help.

Get in touch and let’s have our own conversation. Talking is free, after all.

While I’m happy to work with most anyone, I specialize in writing web copy for small to medium-sized businesses, independent brands, and start-ups. I also adore writing for the baby/parenting niche.

You can check out my past work by browsing through my portfolio

Other Stuff

I am a native of Virginia Beach but did most of my secondary education in the American Midwest before moving to Japan for six years. I am now on the strange and awkward road of repatriating to the U.S. (with a husband and son in tow!), which is an adventure of its own. You can catch snippets of that over at my Instragram.