Let’s turn a conversation into conversion.

Trust is the biggest factor when it comes to your customers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why, when there are literally thousands of online businesses and brands to choose from, forging relationships with your clients is more important than ever. I help businesses, start-ups, and personal brands get their voices heard by the people who need to hear them.

How can I help you do that?

By writing copy that persuades through engaging, natural language that sounds like you. No high-brow language or pushy sales tactics. Just down-to-earth, engaging, conversational copy that organically encourages action.

The best way to sell your service or product is to not sell it. Your customers are sick of stiff, corporate jargon. They appreciate different. They want quality. And they crave personal. The best paid ads won’t convert viewers to buyers if your web copy is overly technical, lacks personality, or treats them like a credit card. The fact is, we do business with people we like and who we feel like us. When your customers feel confident, your business earns more.

I write:

  • About pages (Arguably the most important part of your website)
  • Web copy (Landing pages, FAQs, service pages, etc.)
  • Content (Blogs and articles)
  • Email (Newsletters, drip campaigns, autoresponders, etc.)
  • Branding materials (USPs, press releases, etc.)
  • …and more

My services include:

  • A client survey/worksheet for better understanding your voice, your business and your audience
  • Drafts of engaging, conversational copy for your project
  • Responsive and timely correspondence (Skype, email, Google, etc.)
  • Suggestions for optimization

Let’s get started.

Let’s talk about how I can help you create copy that nurtures relationships and makes them profitable for your business. Fill out the form to get in touch. Don’t worry. Chatting is free!