Your About page is SO IMPORTANT.


I can never stress enough HOW important it is, so here are the facts:

  • New visitors spend an average of 15 seconds on your website before they decide whether or not it’s worth it to keep exploring. 


That’s less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee. Or scroll through your newsfeed. OR DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING.

  • Statistically, the About page (which comes in many forms with just as many different titles) is the most viewed page on a website after the homepage/landing page.


The power of an About page is usually underestimated.

The fact is, the longer you keep your visitor on your site, the more likely they are to buy from you, opt into your email list, or reach out to you for a consultation.

Maybe your current About page is too short (shorter isn’t better!). Maybe it doesn’t add value to your visitor’s experience. Maybe it rambles on and doesn’t sound like you. No matter what the problem, think about it: How much business are you losing because your About page isn’t keeping them on the site?

You have a limited amount of time to convince them to do business with you, and the About page may be your last chance. It had better sell you. It had better be a fount of valuable information. It had better kick ass.

Does yours kick ass? Here are some reasons it might not. (Spoiler: Most don’t.)

But it can. 

Look, it’s hard to write about yourself. You know yourself and your story too well, so when you put it down on paper (or in a text box), it might sound great to you. But to your new visitors, it can be confusing, bland, not warm enough, etc. If your readers aren’t invested in what they’re reading, they won’t stick around long enough to take action.

But what if you could get even a handful of the people who might click away to stay for just 15 seconds longer while they read your About page? Your bottom line would go up, that’s what…and all because you hired another pair of eyes, ears, and hands to improve just one part of your website that isn‘t even technically about sales (except it totally is).  

So here is what I can do for you.

I specialize in static web copy, and I LOVE writing About pages.

Let me write you a brand new About page that engages your audience, gives them something of value and encourages them to stay on the site longer so you can add to your bottom line.

When we work together, here’s what you’re getting:

  • A client survey that asks you to think critically about your brand, your voice, your audience, and their pain points.  ($125 value)
  • A consultation either by email, chat, or an up to 60 minute video call (whatever you’re comfortable with) so I can hear your story. ($125 value)
  • A first draft of unique, engaging, entertaining and informative copy that adds value to your brand, tells the best parts of your story, encourages sales without actually selling anything, and sounds like you. This is long form copy for better SEO. ($500 value)
  • A consultation either by email, chat, or an up to 60 minute video call (whatever you’re comfortable with) so we can review your draft and discuss any changes you’d like to see. ($125 value)
  • A final draft that’s been proofread and edited to perfection, complete with formatting suggestions for optimized readability. ($300 value)

You also get the assurance that I only work on one About page at a time, so your project will be my priority. It will take roughly one business week from survey to finished product, and in that week, I’m all yours.

All together, that’s a $1,175 value.

But I love writing them, so I’m offering a completely rewritten About page for your business’s website for the LOW price of $750.

For $750,  you get a PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN piece of copy that’s all yours forever for 47% off the usual fee. And even better, you could make that money back in a matter of weeks. Or days. 

Just fill out the form below to get in touch. We’ll schedule your start date and you’ll receive an invoice. Payment must be made in full before your start date in order for the  work to begin. Let’s get started now!